The Design Visual Identify of Crafashtival Event


  • Reza Ramdani Firman Telkom University
  • Iman Sumargono Telkom University


Bandung has advantages in the field of creative industries, such as music, fashion, art, design, architecture, information technology, and food (culinary) creative industries. One of the sub sectors of the creative industry that is succesfully developed in Bandung is fashion and craft industry. Bandung is developing on of these sub-sectors by arranging Crafashtival, an event to promote, raise awareness, and to reintoduce Bandung's local products, fashion and craft. One of Crafashtical Visions was to introduce local products so that their existance can be well appreciated. However, that vision did not in line with the presence of visual identity used in Crafashtival, which did not carry local identity to represent Bandung as the corverner. Data were collected though direct observation, interviews and SWOT analysis that was used to analyze the other event as competitors, in order to determine a strategy for Crafashtival visual identity. Some of fashion events held in Bandung did not contain elements of local culture on their visual identity, to address this Crafashtival decided to use cultural as its promotional attribute. It applied Sundanese script, and Sooty-headed bulbul ilustration on its logo and other medias such as posters, billboard, banner, and gimmick. By using elements of Sundanese culture, Crafashtival had more cultural identity, in accordance with its vision. Moreover considering that it was helb in Bandung