People Activity And Layout Analysis In Main Lobby Of Movie Theater, Case Study: Cinema Xxi Ciwalk.


  • Titihan Sarihati Telkom university
  • Rizka Rachmawati Telkom university


Lobby is the first place that entered by visitors in public area. Visitors have many activities when they come to lobby. In this case, authors do analysis about people activity and interior layout in lobby of movie theaters. Through design layout, people response in different way when they interact with other people and interior elements. According to Edward t. Hall, the methods is defining social distance between human beings that can reliably associated with physical distance, consisting of intimate and personal. People has their own expectations regarding the lobby‘s facilities, it will attract them to come and stimulate (or trigger) social interactions. Therefore, a discussion about how the facilities in lobby‘s theater meet the requirements is performed through a quantified evaluation to find out how many groups of users are actually facilitated and accommodated to have social interactions in lobby. Based on the tittle above, this paper aims to find out the connection between people activity and layout in Movie Theater through interior elements. The influence of interior elements against human activities.

Keywords: layout, lobby, social distance, interaction, proxemics