Indonesian Community Understanding On Sustainable Design Concept Critical Analysis Regarding Sustainable Design Development In Indonesia


  • Terbit Setya Pambudi Telkom University
  • Dandi Yunidar Telkom University
  • Asep Sufyan Telkom University


The concept of sustainable design is the answer to the issue - the issue of environmental damage caused by air pollution, greenhouse effect, and deforestation. The concept of sustainable design refers to the thinking and actions of intelligent human beings in harmony and respect for nature. Indonesia as a developing country also participated in implementing the concept of sustainable design. People's understanding of the concept of sustainable design should be supported actively by the government, related industries, and individuals. In fact the public's understanding of the concept is still not comprehensive. In addition manufacturers are also not apply precisely the concept of sustainable design, and even tended only as part of any marketing strategy. Government as regulator should be able to supervise and control the industry to continue to apply the concept of sustainable design, in addition, the government is also obliged to socialize and educate the public to cooperate with educational institutions and industry players. Socio-cultural understanding of communities in the socialization and education of sustainable design concepts so that its implementation can be targeted and appropriate. As a medium conveys regulation and education on sustainable design concepts need to be the role of communities of people who have a common sociocultural, socio-cultural similarity is required to endorse the role of the community in providing an understanding of society in accordance with the socio culture of each society.