On Users Experience And Knowledge: Understanding Female Consumers Intimate Apparel Product Preference


  • Faradillah Nursari Telkom University


Today, the female consumers often base their purchase decision on products comfort as well as visual apperannce. They became more objective on their purchase decisions by utilising experience and knowledge on using products. In the case of intimate product, such as bra, female consumers often base their purchase decision on product‘s comfort although their interactions with product are mostly through visuals. Despite its function as being an undergarment, bra is now highly considered as a neccesity to aid the dynamics ini females lifestyle. Pursuant to the issue, appears a question that underlies this research of how a product understanding can influence female consumer‘s product preference. This research objective is to identify relationship between the product that is worn and wanted by the consumers to understand female consumer‘s preference towards bra products. The study applied survey as its research approach with questionnaire as a tool for collecting data from samples of female consumers in the city of Bandung. Results indicate that female consumers‘ product experience and knowledge responds through cognitive process in consumers‘ interpretation on valuing the chosen product and its suitability to their wants and needs.

Keywords: intimate apparel, female consumer, product preference