The Rise Of Sole-Proprietor Makers In Indonesia Urban Cities


  • Aulia Ardista Wiradarmo Bandung Institute of Technology


The notion of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) in modern culture is not just about hobby and leisure time anymore. For the past few years it has shifted into a profitable microbusiness with the sole-proprietor maker as the main initiator. Therefore contemporary craft or craft-design started emerging in Indonesia. This essay is based on the writer‘s personal experience as a maker and entrepreneur. The writer also observed other makers in order to explore about what distinguish them from traditional craft or design alongside with other supporting elements such as business model and consumer type. Combined with desk research from literature reviews, this paper explains about the growth potential of contemporary craft and gives recommendations so that sole-proprietor makers in Indonesia could thrive.

Keywords: Contemporary Craft, Craft-design, Creative Economy, Entrepreneur, Handmade, Maker