Exploration Of Melimar Technique On South Sumatran Woven Fabric

Ririn Gusriya, Citra Puspitasari, Morinta Rosandini


MELIMAR is part of ikat pakan (tie weft) weaving combination technique in South Sumatra. It results a kind of fabric that is called tenun Limar (woven Limar). The fabric has a high taste, where if it is developed with similar technique, but in another different way, it will possibly open a new opportunity to have more variations of limar woven fabric and enrich production technique. There are several objectives of developing this melimar technique in design, there are to gain more varieties of woven limar product and to enrich ornaments on the technique of woven limar as textile material, which is adjusted with fashion development and needs by keep on attach with its culture. Some experiments have been performed to testify the said techniques. The outcome color and texture will thereafter become a consideration in developing this melimar technique. The product will be made will be adjusted with the typical South Sumatran woven fabric in order to maintain its authenticity.

Keywords: Melimar. Weaving Technique, Traditional

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