Communication Strategy Of Batik Cimahi Brand


  • Arry Mustikawan Telkom University
  • Larry Julianto ISI Denpasar


During the 8th anniversary of the city of Cimahi in June 2009, Batik Cimahi was started to be publicly introduced. Unlike batik and batik city which has been a part of tradition, the presence of batik Cimahi is based on the following backgrounds: as an identity of the city and as an effort of the Municipal Government to improve economic sector considering the limitation of the city‘s natural resources. Based on the abovementioned issues, some efforts on brand communication strategy has been implemented based on brand assesment, brand promise, brand blueprint and brand communication strategy.The method applied on this research was qualitative method through consumers‘ research using purposive sampling and combination between IFAS (Internal Factor Analysis Strategy) analysis and EFAS (External Factor Analysis Strategy) analysis to identify opportunities and threats of batik Cimahi, as well as using SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats) matrix analysis to find out about strategy planning used and QSP (Quantitative Strategic Planning) to decide on strategy options and brand identity design based on comparative value. The results of the research that has been implemented are brand identity design and recommendation on communication strategy. These include message design, communication line and promotion mixture that are based on communication goals using hierarcy effect approach, which covers awareness building, knowledge provision, like, preference, assurance, and buying.

Keywords: communication, brand, batik, Cimahi