Ideology Content And Expression Of Kujang Symbol In Jasad Band Cd Cover Design


  • Novian Denny Nugraha Telkom University
  • Lingga Agung Telkom University
  • Riky Azhari Siswanto Telkom University


This paper departs from a phenomenon of the strengthening of primordial symbols in a contemporary society in Indonesia, particularly in Bandung. The strengthening is the use of primordial society symbols in an activity and in visual and symbolic expression contained in graphic design products whether it is printed material, symbol, emblem or logo. One of symbols frequently used is the form of Kujang. Kujang is a Sundanese artifact recognized as an heirloom weapon, though other than weapon, some researches found that Kujang is a philosophy symbol pikukuh (the teaching of life) of Sundanese. This research analyzes the position of Kujang symbol in Jasad Band cd cover and in its lyric, futhermore to analyze the existence of ideological elements as the research perspective. The method used is descriptive and interpretive qualitative, this method used to analyze the research object, while the main theory used is the Eagleton ideological theories with a primary focus on the study of communication and language, therefore the research result is the identification of ideology content in symbolic expression of Jasad band cd cover design or in its lyric as the research object either visually or verbally.

Keywords: Ideology, Expression, Kujang Symbol