Local Wisdom In Economic And Social Systems Of Bugis-Wajo Weaver Community


  • Muhammad Syukur Universitas Negeri Makassar


Weaving activities for Bugis community is not only economically profitable activities, but also have local wisdom that is loaded with moral messages. The aim of this research is to describe how is local wisdom in weaving activities has been practiced by the groups of weavers and how is the moral economic base of the weavers in the middle of the market economy‘s wave. The research is using qualitative method with constructivist paradigm. The process of collecting data is using in-depth interview, participant observation, and documentation methods. The analysis of data is using data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. The result of the research indicates the existence of the local wisdom in weaving activities that can be found in the function and the meaning of woven cloth, weaving activities as a creator of hard work‘s ethic, as well as the myths and prohibition in weaving activities that contained moral messages about protection system to women.

Keywords: Weaving, Bugis, Social-Economy, Local Wisdom.