Analysis Structure And Appearance Forms Of Advertising As Cause Viewers Refused Pop Up Ads (Case Study Semen Merah Putih Ads On Detik.Com)


  • Ilhamsyah Ilhamsyah Telkom University


The presence of a new generation of communication technologies (internet) which has different characteristics factually it turns out one of the causes of the loss of credibility of advertising today. Viewers often seek close button in the pop-up ads on the page of a news site that is being visited. Based on research Ayu Saraswati (2014) found that respondents felt disturbed by the presence of pop-up ads, and one of the factors that cause pop-up ads to be avoided is the appearance of an ad that does not fit and repetitive. The problem will be the focus of the study is, "What causes pop-up advertisements been avoided, viewed by analysis of visual form as well as its appearance on the site pages intended audience?" The author will compare the shape and the appearance of pop-up advertising with traditional media advertising that magazine ads and television commercials commercial. The authors assumed there must be a difference in treatment medium pop up (Internet) and traditional media (magazines and television), mainly to maximize the element of interactivity advertising on the internet medium. This study used a qualitative research with descriptive writing interpretive techniques. In operating the data and the facts about popup ads were descripted factually and accurately, which further will be analyzed based on the theories related. Researcher found a lack of understanding of some ad creators caused the denial of pop up ads. Pop-up ad is a static advertising print model that is an ad only one page with no moving visuals, with treatment delivery such as television, by blocking the sites to be visited pages. So most viewers regard as a nuisance pop-up advertisements pleasure and reduce the credibility of ads.   Keywords: Pop-up ads, Print Ad, Ad Commercial Television, Internet, Digital Media.