The Shifting Of Cowboy Nuance In Billboard Of Marlboro Advertisement Of Be>Marlboro Edition


  • Syarip Hidayat Telkom University
  • Sri Nurbani Telkom University
  • Riky A Siswanto Telkom University


Marlboro is a product that is success marketed in many countries as a product with western image trought cowboy nub, it can be excepted and keep the slogan for years ''welcome to marlboro country''. During the time, Marlboro is trying to do breaktrough by realising the cowboy nuance. With the new nuance and simpler slogan ''Be>Marlboro―. The change of new nuance of Marlboro advertisement is interesting to be analyzed from semiotics and pragmatic perspective with the outdoor media that is billboard as the analysis object. The method used is descriptive qualitative to analyse what is gainned from semiotics and inferensi (pragmatics). The result shows that  Marlboro advertisemnt keeps using the adventure theme but with different image which previous was using cowboy adventure,  at the new nuance, Marlboro advertisement uses adventure extreme sport games, office environtment either. The tagline Be>Marlboro related with word ''maybe'' which raises the meaning  uncertainty (in attitude), due to the word be raises meaning firm (in attitude). The bilboard of Be>Marlboro has been shifted in nuance, the analysis found that Marlboro attempts to get closer to the target audience, by implaying a firm behaviour as the meaning raised in its shifting. The Benefit from the research is a cigarette advertisement can not display the product directly and thus require a different way of delivering these products, the results of the analysis of semiotics and pragmatics shows that new nuance of  Be>Marlboro can be used as a reference for advertising tobacco products.     Keywords:  advertisment, billboard, Marlboro.