Craft Culture & Tourism: Scopes Of Improvement And Promotion


  • Umme Hani Indian Institute of technology
  • Utpal Barua Indian Institute of Technology


Handloom and handicrafts are among the most striking things of the state of Assam, which is a part of the north eastern region of India. Its technique and style have hardly seen any change since its evolution. Different type of crafts includes bamboo crafts, silk textiles, traditional bell metal products, masks, toys, traditional jewelries etc. Tourism industry of Assam can prove to be a very good platform, where the promotion and marketing of craft culture can be experienced. Assam has rich natural beauty and bio-diversity which attracts tourists not only from various part of India, but also from other nations. These tourists often prove to be very good consumers of the craft sector. There is a requirement of improvement in this sector in order to create more consumers. Hence there is a requirement to understand the loop holes and find out the areas where improvement is required, so as to improve this sector which in a way will be directly benefiting the local craftsmen and artisans.

Keywords: Craft, handlooms, marketing, promotion, tourism, artisanse