Bima Satria Garuda, A New Face Of Indonesian Superhero Character

Dimas Krisna Aditya


For a few decades ago, Indonesia has many superheroes characters from comics to television serials. Unfortunately, these characters became forgotten because they can‘t survive in rivalry with global superheroes. ,Bima Satria Garuda is one of success television serial among Indonesian superheroes genre. The uniqueness of the characters‘ designs and the creative process lead this title in order to gain the popularity to it target audiences. The marketing of these serials merchandises such as action figures and other toys soon follow the success of the serial. The situations that never be happened with early superheroes characters in Indonesia. This situation can not be separated from the involvement of Ishimori Production from Japanese involved in the development of this series. The problems shown here is why the Japanese home production could make Bima Satria Garuda loveable to his fans (the children), could we create a character designs with same approaches that in the future we don‘t need to submit the designs process to production houses abroad? Using the qualitative methods and literacy studies we try to study the success of Bima Satria Garuda design. With the characters design theories and the formal analysis, this research goal is to find a suitable formula to made an attractive superheroes characters without leave the localities values and our values. Bima Satria Garuda designs resemblance from our local visual elements with Japanese‘s years of experiences in developing their superheroes characters. Through formal analysis, we could find many interesting things that embodied in Bima‘ costume elements. This research also gives alternative solutions in how to develop new visualization for Indonesian superheroes characters by doing studies, and learn some new visual style What happened to Bima Satria Garuda could be learned and used by young artists in future generations to make a new faces of next Indonesian Superheroes.

Keywords: Bima Satria Garuda, Character designs, Super Heroes, Local elements

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