Visual Islamic-Mysticsm (Sufism) On Semar Wayang Golek Giri Harja 3


  • Lingga Agung Telkom University
  • Iman Sumargono Telkom University
  • Novian Denny Nugraha Telkom University


The wayang golek purwa show (Sundanese puppet show) the presence of the panakawan always anticipated not only because it provides a spectacle that makes people laugh but gives discourse that can serve as a guidence. Semar, for example, the elder of the panakawan, besides making people laugh because of his laughable form, he also gives insight advise to the peoples. But, what don’t people know is behind "the laughable" form of Semar contain a hidden paradoxical that manifests substance of transcendentalitic in Islamic-mysticism (sufism). This study is aimed about it through the analysis of hermeneutic on the visual form of Semar Giri Harja 3—that an understanding of meaningfulness islamicmysticism (Sufism) on it can be understood holistically by people who has interest.

Keywords: Visual Islamic -mysticism (Sufism), Semar, Hermeneutics