The Influence Of Popular Culture On Astrajingga Costume Creativity


  • Teddy Hendiawan Telkom University
  • Aris Rahmansyah Telkom University


The development of global culture is possible to shift the local culture, if the local culture cannot adapt with the global culture. This study aimed to comprehend the influence of popular culture to Astrajingga Giriharja costume creativity. With qualitative method, this research conducted in-depth interview with the source associated with this research,. It also used popular culture theories and creativity and its visual analysis. The findings showed that those culture influenced each other because the culture experienced by our present generation is a room with many doors to which everybody is able to get into one door and out to others. The costume of Astrajingga character gained the influences from other cultures, especially popular culture. Popular culture became one of standards in Dalang‘s creativity implementation in order to maintain puppet/wayang art to exist in global world.

Key words : Popular culture, creativity, Astrajingga costume, visual analysis