360° Virtual Reality Panorama Of Indonesia Tourism


  • Andreas Rio Adriyanto Telkom University
  • Ananda Risya Triani Telkom University


Indonesia tourism has a lot of diversity and very potential to be developed. Indonesia has a rich natural diversity both land and sea, interesting sites that have historical value and world heritage, and also have various of art and culture, making tourism sector became one of the leading sector in Indonesia. However, the travel & tourism competitiveness level in the world for Indonesia is ranked 50. Compared to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, Indonesia was ranked fourth after Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. One indicator of the weakness of the competitive level of Indonesian tourism is on the ICT readiness. Research methodology in data collection are observation, and literature studies. From various research and studies, the number of Android-based smartphones user in the world has increased significantly from year to year. For that reason, as one component of information technology that needs to be developed is a mobile application, that have the element of interactivity so the information can be delivered effectively. Creative concept is using virtual reality panorama technique to creating this mobile application. Virtual Reality (VR) Panorama, is an interactive way to observe photos or pictures in a wide angle panorama. It is a full 360° seamless photo of an object that tells the whole surroundings in a single frame. Tourist can explore to tourist destinations with virtual 360°, whose experiencing deeper than just a static view photos from one particular side. For potential tourists from within and outside the country could feel the first visualization, before finally visiting the tourist destinations.   Keywords: Indonesia Tourism,360° Virtual Reality Panorama, Mobile Application