The Paradoxical And Cultural Value Relativity Representation Of The Figures Of Indie Film “Tanda Tanya (?)”


  • Riksa Belasunda Telkom University
  • Yasraf Amir Piliang Bandung Institute of Technology
  • Setiawan Sabana Bandung Institute of Technology


Film as a media to communicate message is built upon the language structure that consists of symbols or signs. It revolves around the problems in the film‘s text; how is the film‘s text constructed, encoded, received, and interpreted; how the film‘s text formulated by the creator and how the film‘s text is interpreted by the audience. The creator‘s freedom and creativity on content selection are considered potentially result in a cultural values conflict in our society. Accordingly, the study was conducted to learn more about relativity within the narrative signification of a film by the audience, as well as the signification over the representation of the characters in the film with reference to the paradoxical and cultural values relativity that carried in the narrative of the film. The case study of film‘s text interpretation was conducted through an indie movie "Tanda Tanya (?)" as the object of the research. This research is a qualitative research with the cultural studies approach by means of hermeneutic phenomenological interdisciplinary research method with descriptive-interpretative techniques. A group of spectators objected on the narrative message of the film "Tanda Tanya (?)" indicates the interpretation impossibility of the absolute truth of the text. In general, the paradoxical and relativity of cultural values in the film are related to the dramatic structure within the narrative of the film which presented by key figures. Relativism and paradoxical are related to each other; cultural relativity, individual relativity, and the spatial and temporal relativity.

Keywords: signification, individual, relativity, cultural values