Framing Adaptation On Rectoverso Movie (Untold Love)


  • Teddy Hendiawan Telkom University
  • Yelly Andriani Barlian Telkom University


Film adaptation will possibly cause promblems on interpretation stages, both by the filmakers and the audiences, such as the text mode reference from the source medium and the choices of mode combinations constructing text on the new medium. The research is to comprehence the framing adaptation process that changes the point of view on Rectoverso movie developed from the visual elements. They were the interpretations of cinematographers on the verbal modalities from the short story medium, Rectoverso. By using the thories of adaptation and structural analysis, and framing analysis, this analysis aimed to investigate the instrinsic and extrinsic structures of the short story which was then interpreted on Rectoverso movie. Based on the analysis result, it was founded the shift of ‗Aku‟ (‗I‖) point of view in cinematic perspective, and it produced the difference of meaning on the events or realities on the visual elements and signs relation in Rectoverso film. It is expected that the research will enrich the previous theories.

Key words: Film, Adaptation, Framing adaptation, Point of View.