Photography Ethics Of Amateur Photographers


  • Siti Desintha Telkom University
  • Yelly Andriani Barlian Telkom University
  • Ira Wirasari Telkom University


The technology development makes people have a lot of freedom in expressing their imagination. There are varied media that can implement it, and one of them is photography. It was Created in 1839 in France, and well-known in Indonesia in 1984. It can be considered the latest expression media in art, as what has been mentioned by Niepce and Dugurre. The tool sophistication called ‗Camera‘ sometimes becomes a benchmark. However, the most important thing is the creativity of the users. When we act as a photographer, then we are directing the objects to pose as what we want. However, we still can find some photographers who do not use the ethics in taking pictures, for instance in documenting pictures of religious ceremonies which should be considered sacred moments. This study is aimed to highlight such phenomenon in order to enrich the information concerning this issue. The qualitative approach is based on the statements of a professional photographer, Erik Prasetya, for analizing some photography ethics of amateur photograhers. The findings showed that the three types of photographers categorized as Hunters, Pickpockets, and Heart stealers are around.

Keywords: photography ethics, amateur photograhers, photography