Indonesian Cultural Identity On Android Games


  • Dicky Hidayat Telkom University


Globalization has undermined the territorial boundaries between countries. Globalization allows everyone to easily obtain the information, knowledge and communication. However, globalization has contributed greatly to the cultural erosion, the disappearance of national cultural identity and local culture, and the loss of identity of a nation, which can ultimately lead to the loss and the spirit of nationalism and patriotism. Indonesian cultural identity should continue to be developed so that future generations do not lose their identity as a nation. It required the efforts of various parties to submit information on the nation's cultural identity by using a variety of appropriate media and creative, one through mobile games. Data to be studied in this research is the textual elements in the form of a narrative or gameplay, and elements of nontextual form of the character, background images, sound and animation contained in a mobile game that became an object of research. Furthermore, these data are analyzed to determine how the Indonesian cultural identity present in the mobile game. Results of the research is information about how Indonesian cultural identity is implemented in a mobile game based on Android. The benefits of this research are as input for game developers to develop games that not only serve as entertainment, but also serves as an educational tool in conveying cultural identity in an interesting, selective and creative.

Keywords: Cultural Identity, Mobile Games, Android