3d Based Game Design Entitled The Adventure Of Chandramawa

I Made Marthana Yusa, I Putu Yuda Wirawan


This research uses a 'through design' modus, where researchers conduct the design process to find a design solution to produce the design. The main research problem is to examining game that contains education value that overcoming the behavior of children aged 8 years and older. The research objective is to developing a game as a communication media to educate 8 years and older children about respecting parents. The next objective is to preserve the folklore that is rarely told. Methodology used is qualitative research with black box evaluation models. The Game design starts from the exploration of the idea of the story, determine the format of the game, collecting data in the form of visual, audio, and dialogue, gameplay design, designing models, testing and re-evaluating. This game implemented using Unity 3D game engine. The game designed with the following steps: designing the main character, the main camera settings, hierarchy design, HUD design, NPC design, enemy design, map design, and publishing. The final result is a 3-dimensional game entitled 'Chandramawa'. It conceived with background story that convey a message about respecting parents. Benefits to be gained from this game is the availability of media that allow children to play while getting to know the folklore that contains a message respecting parents.

Keywords: Chandramawa, folktale, 3D based game, game design, unity 3D

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