Metallus Character Design For Jinn Warriors Comic


  • Zaini Ramdhan Telkom University
  • Muhammad Iskandar Telkom University


The 'Jinn Warrior' graphic novel created by Marwan El N ashar tells about otherworldly  Jinn realm threatened  by world's  prominent  figures  that  represent  four themes  of world's  destruction,  such as Hitler, Genghis  khan,  Farouh  (Pharaoh),  and  Hirohito.  The  main  protagonist  character,  the  noble  Metallus,  has heroic nature to help and defend the weak, and crime fighting as well, visualized  in such manner along with armored costume. Referring to the theories of comic by Mc Cloud, anatomical  study by Loomis, mythology, Morphological  Forced  Connection,  and  cultural  elements  of Middle  Eastern  and  Western,  the  characters' visual are designed to show different, various nature and personality, and also to indicate the social class and status.


Keywords:  Character,  Comic,  Costume