Identity On Dulang Kuring 2 Music Video By Sundanese Pop Singger Darso


  • Lingga Agung Telkom University
  • Riky Azharyandi Siswanto Telkom University


The aim of this research is to explore the identity aspect in the Darso’s Dulang 2 music video. Qualitative Interpretative method is used to find the identity in the music video and analyzed using Homi K. Bhabha’s post-colonialism theory (mimicry, hybridity, and the third space). The research focusing on Place (landscape), Property Setup, and the singer himself on the music video. According to the research, the identity on the music video is ambivalence, every aspect on the music video are supporting that Darso have done mimicry and hybridity and then it created the third space. In the third space, the ambivalent identities were created. This can be seeing as defensive method to the Western cultural domination strategy.

Keywords: Identity, Postcolonialism, Darso