Motivation Effect On The Performance Of Women Entrepreneurs (Case Study Of SMEs Women Entrepreneurs In Bandung 2015)


  • Mediany Kriseka Putri Telkom University
  • Putri Maya Sulistiani Telkom University


Currently in Indonesia, the development of SMEs has grown rapidly and continued to progress, growth is also reflected in the development of women entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs in Indonesia is always increasing by 8% each year. The number of women entrepreneurs in Bandung itself by the year 2014 were 249 SMEs registered as members IWAPI city of Bandung, which consists of 57 businesses culinary and

192 non-culinary ventures such as fashion, crafts, consultants, and printing bussiness. Doing their own businesses, they definitely need motivation to affect the performance of themselves. The purpose of this study is to determine the motivation on the performance of women entrepreneurs and how big the influences are. In this research, the method used is quantitative method by means of data processing using the F test (simultaneous) to prove whether there is influence between motivation and performance, as well as using the coefficient of determination to find out how strong the influence of motivation on the performance of women entrepreneurs. The result from this study is that motivation affect the performance of the SME entrepreneurs women in Bandung. As for the coefficient of determination shows that motivation have very strong influence on the performance of the SME women entrepreneurs in Bandung.   The conclusion of this study is that motivations have influences on the performance of women entrepreneurs and the effect is very significant. Given this, women entrepreneurs are expected to contribute in building the business and continue to have great motivation to compete.


Keywords: Motivation, Performance, Women Entrepreneur