Simulating Role Of Juru Golek Giriharjaan In Game World


  • Aris Rahmansyah Telkom University
  • Teddy Hendiawan Telkom University


The innovation  Sundanese Wayang Golek (Rod Puppet), Asep Sunandar Sunarya, has brought the distinctive  arts of West Java known by public, but after the death of Asep, slowly  Giriharja studio  is getting setback,  it is  seen  from  the  reduction  of Wayang  Golek  show  performed  by  Giriharja's  Dalang  (Master puppet)  descendants.  As the result,  it  impacts  to the lack  of Juru Golek  (Rod  Puppet  maker)  regeneration. Juru Golek,  in  addition  to whittling/curving  skilled  demanded,  also has to understand  the grip or the rules applied to every character  of the Golek. The purpose  of this study is to help the beginner  of Juru Golek to understand  the aesthetics  and logic  concept of Asep Sunandar  Sunarya in making Wayang  Golek Pereum  of Giriharja era through game simulation.  Game is designed by placing the player as a Juru Golek of Giriharja to create a variety Golek characters in an environment  and constrained by rules. Data collection is conducted in the form of literature studies  and observations  about making Giriharja's Wayang Golek,  and interviews to obtain data and information from sources.  The Results of the research is a recommendation  of game design in the form of simulation of making  Wayang Golek Peureum  ofGiriharja's era.


Keywords:  Simulation  Game, Juru  Golek,  Gaming World