Designing Book Illustrations Of Importance To Stay Away From Drugs For Children Elementary School


  • Novanda Prayogatama Telkom University
  • Patra Aditia Telkom University


Jakarta is the main entrance of the trade lanes in Indonesia.  Making Jakarta a trading place for all kinds of goods, including illegal goods such as drugs. A drug is actually  a substance with either natural  or chemical  when use  in accordance  with  the rules  of health.  But,  using  drugs with  inappropriate  doses will cause a person  to become  addicted to drugs. There are four different  triggers  to someone  is  abusing  drugs, which  is,  dissatisfaction   with  oneself,  environmental   influences  and  the  availability   of the  drug  itself. Another  factor is the lack of informations  regarding  negative  effects  of drugs. Drugs not only affect  adults and teenagers, but now has shifted to children who are still in elementary  school.  To provide early education to  children's  of elementary  school,  the researchers  conducted  research  and  analyze  them  based  theory  to applied to the illustration  book. Later, this illustrated  book can be use as a guide for early education  on the dangers  of drugs,  with  images  and language  that  is  easy to understand.  After  gaining  this understanding, hopefully the elementary children can be more aware about the situation on the surrounding environment.


Keywords  : Book,  Children, Drugs, Illustrations, Jakarta