Narrative Style In Documentary Film As An Effort Of Creative Industries Development In Bandung City


  • Anggar Erdhina Adi Telkom University
  • Riksa Belasunda Telkom University
  • Teddy Hendiawan Telkom University


The documentary film as one of the phenomena in the creative industries of Bandung city are not yet fully appropriate of applying a particularly attractive narrative style of observational documentary. It required a reference to the narrative style in the development of observational documentary, in particular for the development of creative industries in the Bandung city. Using visual analysis Feldman within two observational documentary film, the steps are: description, analysis, interpretation, and assessment. Two documentary film were used for analysis is Renita, Renita, Tonny Trimarsanto film (2006) and the movie The Land Beneath Under the Fog, Shalahudin Siregar film (2011). Based on the analysis found that the subject should be used as a pole in storytelling. In addition to a narrative approach that uses a three acts structure; cinematic approach is needed in an observational documentary.


Keyword: Observational documentary, Narrative style, Three acts structure