Design Strategy Formulation And Implementation In Visual Media: Case Study Of Taman Bougenville Tourism Puntang Mountain Bandung Regency


  • Tyas Dena Dusita Telkom University
  • Bijaksana Prabawa Telkom University


Bandung is the capital of West Java province which has great tourism potential, not only in central Bandung  but also in  other areas such  as Regency  of Bandung.  Taman Bougenville  of Puntang  Mountain  is one of tourism potential areas that presents the natural atmosphere of its mount. However Taman Bougenville of Puntang  Mountain  hasn't been much known, and causes visitor  levels are still fairly low, that give slow business  growth  for both the aspect of profit  and visitors.  To answer the issues  above, the data is obtained through  the  method  of interview to the  informant related,  observation  method  on the  object of research, methods  of questionnaires  to the respondent,  and literature.  The data have been obtained and analyzed using the formulation  of design  strategies through  methods  such as PEST  analysis,  Porter  5  Forces,  Competitor Analysis,  SWOT Matrix  and Ansoff Matrix. The results  of the analysis  used as the basis  for designing  the design  strategy  which resulted  in  branding  and innovation  activities.  The expected  design  of this thesis,  is able  to  help  Taman  Bougenville   of  Puntang   Mountain   in  generating   the  correct  design  solution  for improvement  business performance  and can increase the profits and visitors of Taman Bougenville  Puntang Mountain.


Keywords: Design Strategy, Media Design,  Tourism,  Taman Bougenville  ofPuntang Mountain,  West Java.