Mood In Bodytext Of Shampoo Advertisement


  • Sri Nurbani Telkom University
  • Asep Kadarisman Telkom University


There are four types  of mood using by the copywriter  in bodytext  of shampoo advertisement  to convey the message  in order to persuade  the reader: declarative,  interrogative, imperative, and exclamative. Based  on this fenomenon,  it leads  to two problem  statements  that writer  needs  to be rised, those are what mood types are in bodytext  of shampoo advertisments  and what mood type is the dominance  in bodytext  of Shampoo advertisement.  The grand theory used to investigate this problem  is theory of systemic Functional Grammar  propposed  by Halliday.  The qualitative  descriptive   method  is presented  to analize this reserach. The findings  show that the mood type existed in bodytext  of shampoo Advertisment  are declarative  mood, imperative  mood, and Interrogative  mood. The most frequently  appear is declarative  mood. The findings are useful   for  the  copywriter   in  copywriting   subject  to  consider   that  declarative   mood,   Imperative   and Interrogative  mood  are as a way to deliver  the message,  and declarative  mood  can be the popular  way to persuade the reader compared to engage directly with speech solicitation (Imperative).


Keywords: Mood,  Shampoo Advertisement,  SFG.