Sign Construction On Visual Elements In Video Game Harvest Moon: Back To Nature

Arief Budiman, Abiyyu Prishdian Vivekananda


The presence  of visual  elements  becomes  a part  of aesthethic  value  inside the video  game,  it creates a boundaries between real worlds and what can be seen seems to have dissapear. Eventually,  creates a fantasy and increase  the emotion  while playing video game, where players  are expected  to understands  the value.  Seeing how big the role visual  elements  in the video  game. Then through  the study of visual  signs reading, performed as a means to detemine the construction  of visual element inside the Harvest Moon:  Back to Nature video game. Interpretive  descriptive methods are used to describe and interpret the object of study. Researcher uses Peirce's  semiotics approach as a theoritical  analysis of signs in order to read the visual signs like icons,  indexes,  and symbols  that contained  in  the visual  elements  that oriented  in  the aspects  of story inside  the Harvest  Moon:  Back to Nature  video game.  Overall,  the presence  of visual  elements  that comes from the construction  of visual  signs  (icons,  indexes,  symbols)  inside  the Harvest  Moon:  Back to Nature video game have depict a game world that puts player in the right perception  of the theme inside the Harvest Moon:  Back to Nature video game which is Back to Nature.


Keywords:  Sign construction,  Visual elements,  Video game,  Semiotics

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