Webqual Analysis Of Telkom University's Openlibrary System From The Perspectives Of Communication And Business Students


  • Mahir Pradana Telkom University
  • Dwi Nur Puspitasari Telkom University


Telkom University,  Indonesia,  established  an open  library  system that  is named  "Telkom Open Library", the online version of the university's  library in the form of website.  Thus, the Open Library should be able to provide  quality services to the expectations  of website users by using a method  called WebQual (Website Quality).  In this  study,  the variables  to be  studied is usability,  information quality,  and  service interaction  on  W ebQual.  This  study  used  a  sample  of  68  respondents  to  the  sampling  technique  using incidental  sampling.  Then the data analysis technique  used is descriptive  analysis technique,  the analysis of gaps and the importance quadrant analysis of performance  analysis (IPA). From this study,  it was found that the gap is negative between the actual quality (performance)  and ideal quality (importance),  in the value of (-

0.39). The largest found gap value is on the dimension  of service  interaction of (-0.5). Based on this, we can conclude  that the actual quality of the perceived  quality did not meet the desired ideal quality based  on the perspectives   of OpenLibrary  users  Indicators  of priority  improvements  include  the  website  should  look attractive,  the users'  positive  experience  when using the website,  the information  in the appropriate  format and good reputation.


Keywords:  Website quality, Information system,  Online education, Information quality