Groundzero’s Cafe Bandung Customer Satisfication Influence On Servicescape


  • Farah Oktafani Telkom University
  • Bethani Suryawardani Telkom University
  • Annyndita Dara Riezkya Telkom University


Ground Zero Cafe Bandung is one of the cafes in Bandung that have a unique concept. Based on the results of initial observations of researchers, servicescape at Ground Zero Cafe Bandung get unfavorable response  from  consumers.  This  unfavorable  respons  impacts  mismatches  between  perceptions  and expectations received by consumers. It is important for the company to improve the quality of servicescape in order to create customer satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to determine how and how much the influence of servicescape on consumer satisfaction in Ground Zero Cafe Bandung. This study used a sample of 100 respondents. This type of research is descriptive analysis with quantitative approach, the analysis used is simple linear regression. The sampling technique used in this study is nonprobability sampling with incidental sampling method, using SPSS 22.00. The results of this study indicate that the servicescape variable earn a percentage of 69.4% in good categories, while customer satisfaction earn a percentage of

68.9% also in good categories. The influence of servicescape on customer satisfaction is 55.5%, while the remaining 44.5% is influenced by other variables not examined in this study. Servicescape variable significantly influence on consumer satisfaction variable by 55.5%


Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Servicescape