Interactive Book Design For Uis Karo Traditional Fabric


  • Thierry Bangun Telkom University
  • Ananda Risya Triani Telkom University


Indonesia  is  known  to  have  a  lot  of cultural  diversity,  such  as  the  traditional  woven  fabrics widespread  within ethnicities in Indonesia.  One is the Uis Gara of the Karonese  in North Sumatra Province. However,  the  existence  of Uis  Karo  is  increasingly  threatened  because  in  ceremonial  situations,  many Karonese prefer to replace it with the more popular Batik and Songket.  Indonesian society as well, are strange to the Uis  Karo  in general.  To  solve these  problems,  the  author  intends to design  an interactive book  to introduce  the variety  of Uis Karo  and its  derivatives  in  the scope  of creative  industries.  In this study,  the author made  observation  to workshop  locations, documentation  for handweaving  process  and its derivative products,  literature  studies related to multimedia  design and variety of Uis Karo, and interviews  with expert sources.  The  comparison  matrix  is used  to juxtapose   several visual  objects  worth  being  referenced.  The author employs several theories in graphic design, interactive multimedia, photography  and videography. The final  output  is a web-based  interactive  digital  book  that  helps  to increase  public  awareness  and  empathy toward the overall state  of Uis Karo and its derivatives,  with the help of multi-sensory  communications  such as still text, images, videos, animations,  and sounds.


Keywords:  Uis Karo, Handwoven Fabrics,  Interactive Book