Islamic Graphic Design Cover Book And The Correlation Of Consumer Interest A Case Study Of Solo Al-Qowan Publisher

Ahmad Adib, Sigied Himawan Yudhanto


This research  method  is a qualitative-descriptive research. The objective  of Study is to find the meaning  of the design of Al-Qowam  book cover.  Since   the correlation  is the outline of this research  so the meaning  of the   design appearance  will be the main object of this study.  In order to review  and study,  the writer uses the aesthetic approach.  The source  of data in this research was obtained from informants,  written and   digital  photo  document.  To obtain  the data,  researcher    conducting  observations,  the distribution  of questionnaires,  book  study and literature.  The process  of data analysis  had been   through  several phases, namely data collection, data reduction,  and the data percentage  calculation and its conclusions.   The result of the research  concludes  that the sale of Al-Qowam  books  was influenced  by the appearance  of book  cover designs.  This  influence  is  caused  by  the  educational  background  and  the consumer  interaction  with  their environment.  Those consumers are the market target of the sale of Al-Qowam books.


Keywords: Interests, Designs, Islamic,  Visual,  Cover book

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