Reconstructing Majapahit Kingdom In Virtual Reality


  • Wandah Wibawanto Semarang State University
  • Rahina Nugrahani Semarang State University
  • Arry Mustikawan Semarang State University


: In the last decade the development of technology led us to the era of virtual reality. Virtual reality is a computer-based technology that provides a realistic experience, interactive, or a sense of an object. Virtual  reality  has  the  ability  to  describe  the  functionality  of  the  object  thoroughly,  describing  the environment, enabling user to immerse and involve in the environment without  physical process and  and placing it at the center of user experience. The ability of virtual reality in representing environment can be used in reconstructing the Majapahit kingdom in 13-15 century AD. As one of the great kingdom, Majapahit civilization is still slightly exposed, compared to some other world civilizations. Method used in this research is histeriographic where Majapahit written literature and artifacts can be used as reference. This study is aimed to   produce a Virtual Reality (VR) application which can be used as a media to   reintroduce the Majapahit Kingdom to the public. Outcomes of this study is a prototype that displays simulated visual reality of Majapahit kingdom.


Keywords : Virtual reality, Heritage, Majapahit