Inverstigating The Theme, Culture-Life Style and Innovation of The Integrated Design of The Lansia Park


  • Eka Virdianti Itenas
  • Dian Duhita Telkom University


Some parks in Bandung have changed their designs and identities based on their thematic names including the Lansia park. This study aimed to analyze the integrated design based on theme, culture-life style and innovation of the Lansia park, as well to investigate the public response to the new design of the park and their satisfaction level. The research was focused on the integrated design of the park with an emphasis on dominant features, users and activities, and community assesment. The result showed that the park design is integrated with the existance of the retentation lake by providing attractive features such as bridges, wooden cantilevers and stairs around the lake. The them of park was named for elderly but the design not representing identity of that community. The other side, the Lansia park was designed inclusively, it promotting the old sundanese culture and create a new llife-style. Which regarding the public response, they stated that they had seen the connection between the theme and the design implementation of the park. Additionally, they also claimed to feel satisfied with the design of the Lansia park