Analysis of Working Environment's Effect on Working Motivation of Employees


  • Hendra Hadiwijaya Politeknik Palcomtech
  • Nurussama Nurussama Politeknik Palcomtech


The  company  indifferent  toward  working  environment  condition  will  have  impact  on  working motivation  of  employee.  The  research  objective  was  to  determine  the  effect  of  working  environment  on working motivation of employee either in partial or simultaneous manner. Respondents in this research were permanent employees of PT. PLN (Persero) covering South Sumatra, Jambi and Bengkulu Regions (WS2JB) branch of Palembang with magnitude of 129 employees. Proportional Random Sampling method was applied to  select  respondents  by  using  Slovin  formula  so  that  sample  numbers  was  56  respondents.    Data  analysis was conducted by using double regression analysis technique. The results showed that working environment consisting  of  physical  and  non-physical  working  environments  had  simultaneous  significant  effect  on working motivation of employee with magnitude of 84.216 (sig. 0.000). Non-physical working environment had more dominant effect on working motivation of employee with magnitude of 2.808 (sig. 0.010) than that of physical working environment with magnitude of 1.892 (sig. 0.041). Therefore, working environment had significant effect on working motivation of employee. 

Keywords: Working Environment, Working Motivation