Mobile Application for Customer Relationship Management of PT PLN (Persero), Case Study Info PLN App for Android and IOS Operating System


  • Henri Firdaus PLN
  • Lainy Mummaiza PLN
  • Desi Ayuningtyas PLN


Abstract:  Responding  to  the  challenges  of  the  company's  performance  and  Information  technology  is increasingly  require  a  willingness  and  tenacity,  PT  PLN  (Persero)  as  one  of  the  leading  state-owned electricity company in Indonesia must be able to balance those two things with breakthrough innovation. The current era of information is very important and we must also recognize that the employees and customers of PT PLN (Persero) is spread all around Indonesia where not all information can be easily get. A major step forward has been made by PT PLN (Persero) Distribution of Jakarta and Tangerang since in June 2011 to the present is the development of applications for mobile devices / smartphones that support most of the devices are  in  demand  in  Indonesia  for  its  needs.  Currently  that  can  be  used  by  the  entire  employee  of  PT  PLN (Persero) as well as our customer is the mobile application named Info PLN. It’s an application based mobile application  using  the  internet  in  a  smart  phone  (Android,  i-OS  /  i-Phone  &  i-Pad)  that  is  developed  by employees of PT PLN (Persero) to customer for free. With as many as 200.000 active user, Info PLN is a reliable application especially in accessing customer information and features such as online new instalation, power  upgrades  and  also  customer  complains.  The  benefits  for  customers  are  faster  that  accessing  the corporate website up to 30%, accelerating information access time by 50%, saving the cost of the phone to the call center and also as an online marketing tools.  

Keywords: Customer information, PLN, Mobile, Smartphone, Application