The Effect of Virtual Experiental Marketing Toward Purchase Intention of Electronic Product in Indonesia (Case Study : Lazada)


  • Nalal Muna Polytechni of APP


Abstract: Online shopping trend has revolutionized in-store experience into virtual experience. Lazada is the largest  online  retailer  company  that  hits  the  highest  selling  on  electronic  product.  Electronic  product  is categorized  as  shopping  goods  where  consumer  has  high  involvement  in  pre-purchasing  stage.  Therefore, website  design  that  has  the  ability  to  surrogate  the  real  world  experience  will  have  competitive  advantage especially for online retailer. The objective of this research is to examine the effect of Virtual Experiential Marketing that consist of five dimension (Sense, Flow, Pleasure, Interaction, Community) towards purchase intention  of  electronic  product  on  Lazada’s  website.  There  are  96  respondents  collected  via  questionnaire survey and analyzed using Partial Least Square (PLS). The result shows that designing website that leverage VEM is important to enhance vivid, involving, active, affective state that induce emotional attachment  for purchase intention. 

Keywords: Virtual experiential marketing, Purchase intention, Electronic products, e-commerce, Website