Assure Model Implementation in Development of Natural Science Learning Application

Eka Hartati, Fatma Riani


The  learning  process  nowadays  is  often  experience  disturbance  and  problem  such  as  excessive number of students so that its development is difficult to monitor and lack of concentration from students in understanding the courses material as well as still using textbooks provided by school. The research objective was to implement ASSURE model in application development of natural science learning in order to support the learning process. Method used in this study was research and development for learning application that can  be  used  in  learning  process  of  natural  science  subject.  This  research  had  produced  the  learning application for natural science subject. Software used in development and producing of learning application was Netbeans IDE 7.4, JDK 7 as Java interpreter and AppServ Version 2.5.9 as database. ASSURE model was used to develop learning application by using black box test method. It can be concluded that learning application  for  natural  science  subject  had  fulfill  the  stated  criteria  in  term  of  display,  operation  and interaction aspects, respectively. 

Keywords: ASSURE, Black Box Test, Software 

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