The Preference Of Wearing Synthetic Fabrics By The Young Muslim


  • Pingki Indrianti State Polytechnic of Creative Media Jakarta


Synthetic or man-made fibres are now playing an important role in fashion industry, they are less expensive and more abundant than natural fibres. The uses of synthetic fibres are found in some MuslimModest fashion in Indonesia especially brand with young segmentation. Eventhough the fabrics are uncomfortable to wear in hot and humid weather like Jakarta this fabric yet still demand by the market. This research aims to find the reasons behind young muslim preferences of wearing hijab (muslim wear)  made from synthetic fabrics (fibres) for daily wear; from the aspects of colour, comfort, affordability, ease of care and availability. Synthetic fabrics mentioned in this research include nylon, polyester, and acrylic that is widely available on the market. This research using descriptive quantitative method by distributing questionnaires to some respondents of young muslim with hijab to find out why they chose synthetic fabrics for daily clothing. All respondents are fashion program students in Jakarta, age of 20-22 years old. The results of this research indicate young muslims choose synthetic fabrics due to affordable price, various colours and motifs, elasticity (body fit), as well as easy care. Eventhough it is less comfortable, cause sweat, cling to body, and bring unpleasent odor; these young muslims keep wearing synthetic fabrics for daily clothing.    Keywords: Synthetic Fabrics, Synthetic Fibres, Young Muslim, Hijab, Muslim Clothing