Shape Exploration Analysis on Sungkai Wood Fossil

Susmitha Fauziah, Yoga Pujiraharjo


Sungkai wood fossil is one of the fossils found in Merangin district, Jambi. The availability of abundant sungkai wood fossil makes it an industry that specializes in sungkai wood fossil. In the industry processed sungkai wood fossil and made it into a furniture, made of large chunks with every outer shell and some parts are thrown away and not utilized. The remains of this untapped piece or waste becomes a great potential for reprocessing into a useful product. In its completion, the experimental method is done by implementing the exploration on the sungkai wood fossil, The exploration method that is used is the exploration of the shape, Where the exploration parameters of the shape used are expression, size and visual. Based on the results of the exploration of the shape with these parameters produced a shape that can utilize the remaining pieces of sungkai wood fossil maximally. Aiming to find the remaining potential pieces of sungkai wood fossils can be utilized with simple processing.

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