Analysis Of Technopreneurship Applications In Alternative Energy Company: Study On Cv. Wahana Putera Ideas, Bandung


  • Ida Nurnida Telkom University
  • Eko Kurnia Wicaksono Telkom University


At this time, some people are still reluctant and afraid to use LPG gas stove, because in addition to the many cases of explosions, this type of stove is also rare in the market. These conditions require people to find other alternatives to meet their needs. On the other hand, in the business world, the concept of technopreneurship becomes one of the solutions that can bridge the economic interests through technology, especially in the field of alternative energy. One company that has been using this technopreneurship concept is CV Wahana Putera Ideas as an energy manufacturing company. This research was conducted with the aim to know the application of technopreneurship concept which cover aspects of business skill and technology skill at CV Wahana Putera Ideas. The type of this research is descriptive with qualitative approach. Data collection techniques used observation, interviews, and related document collection, while processing and data analysis using data reduction techniques, data presentation, conclusion, and clarification. The informant as the data source was chosen purposively. The results of this study indicate that CV Wahana Putera Ideas has applied the sub-concept of Business Skill and Technology Skill in technopreneurship model as technopreneur. In the Business Skill sub-concept, Wahana Putera Ideas is a business entity with the form of a Comanditaire Venotschap or CV that has been implementing the concept of a manufacturing company and has made business plan as a corporation planning; The Company utilizes natural resources as production materials and production processes under the guidance of BSN; and the company selectively provides selective incentives to resellers by applying 1 channel to many markets. In the sub-concept of Technology Skill, CV Wahana Putera Ideas is the owner of the invention and product innovation that is ethanol+, and protects it with Patent Right with the application number P0020090345 named Invention of Electric-Based Gas Convertible Stove with Liquid Fuel (Non-Fossil) announced at Patent Office on December 30, 2010 with the publication number 050.6701 A. The conclusion of this research is that CV Wahana Putera Ideas has applied the concept of Technopreneurship in managing the company which is engaged in alternative energy business.


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