Plywood Furniture Designs ( A Study on Shapes, Functions, Materials, Construction Techniques, and Production Processes)

IF. Bambang Sulistyono


Furniture is a facility or means for various human activities in certain spaces. Furniture design was born because of the need of function. Furniture designs are made according to its use, its users, and the time when as well as the space where it is used. The designer will also consider the materials to be used, and how to assemble and produce furniture. This study examines the designs of plywood furniture in terms of functions, materials, construction techniques and production processes. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the qualitative descriptive approach is applied. The steps taken are; 1) identifying various furniture products, 2) classifying and giving descriptions on each furniture product based on the analysis of shape, function, material, construction technique, aesthetics and production process. The findings of the field study show that the furniture designs used are designs that have been made before. The existing design is repeated, modified, developed, and tailored to fit the needs of consumers or buyers, and there are some designs that are made in particular because of its relation to the design of the interior.

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