Kamasan Puppet Painting, Balinese Traditional Comics

I Dewa Alit Dwija Putra


The development of comics in Indonesia at this time so rapidly besides the interest and public interest especially among children and teenagers so big. The tendency of comic visuals in Indonesia is dominated by Japan and America. Many of them have not yet learned that comics in Indonesia have been started since the past as the tradition of making reliefs on temples, wayang beber paintings as well as in ancient texts such as the tradition of writing on palm leaves. The creation of tradition comics in Bali can be seen in works of art such as kamasan puppet paintings and manuskrif lontar prasi. Kamasan puppets paintings is a visual-speaking media of his era, which raises stories related to the philosophy and teachings of the Balinese view of life. As a medium of information the form of this tradition works to have common elements and aspects of modern comics. This research is to know the elements of traditional comic formation as media of information in its era. And the shift of symbol values in the form of the work of the tradition. This study uses qualitative methods and visual analysis with data collection and information techniques using observations, interviews both structured and unstructured and observe traditional objects. Then to confirm the field data is done by literature study either book or via the internet. As a form of artwork, the tradition of a great ancestral heritage needs to be preserved the values and local wisdom it has.

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