The “Sleborz Aesthetic” of Amenkcoy a.k.a Mufthi Priyanka


  • Lingga Agung Telkom University
  • Novian Denny Nugraha Telkom University


Mufti Priyanka a.k.a Amenkcoy is a graphic artist from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Amenkcoy likes to capture the everyday life that for most people can be so trivial, trivial, unimportant, plebeian, crotch, even taboo. But precisely therein lies the expertise of Amenkcoy in the work, he always succeeded build or construct a paradoxical narrative of the everyday life of the masses of the most complex urban society. From his artwork, Amenkcoy is totally a contemporary artists. He always shows a variety of parodies, intertextuality, criticism of the establishment of ideology or culture, ironic, patische, and others. Contemporary aesthetics as mentioned above can be referred to as “aesthetics that anything goes†and that is exactly what Amenkcoy's artwork. His artwork is consistent with the spirit of postmodernism, which is full of games and humorous jokes in response to phenomena or sociocultural issues, and so on. The jokes actually have various values if we see to his works solemnly. In his works, Amenkcoy seem to construct a satirical satire that criticizing this and that. With sentences of word that also satirical (Amenkcoy called it as a collage of words). This words are deliberately aligned with the image and that make his artwork more vulgar, more ferocious, more tragic, and more Silly. Therefore, Amenkcoy is a “sleborz artist†in the real sense.


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