Utilizing of Nylon Material as Personal Luggage Protector for Biker


  • Muchlis Muchlis Telkom University
  • Sheila Andita Putri Telkom University


This design begins from trend of using scooters has increased nowadays. This trend based on people whom are feeling uneasy using public transportation. Furthermore, the whole process to get a scooter is a lot easier. There are many kinds of profession that utilize scooters, from student to office workers. From a variety of different profession there is one similarity, most of them bring bag for school or office tools. The problem is there are still no products that can be used as protector for bags from the unpredictable weather nowadays, especially when rain fall. The use of qualitative methods expected to give information about what kind of product that could help bikers to protect their luggage from rain. This design is expected will be a good input for producer about what kind of product that bikers really need to protect their luggage from rain.


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