Seeing Jokowi, The President of Indonesia’s Leadership: Case Study of Goldhaber’s The Charisma Factor in Leadership Theory

Suci Marini Novianty, Ummi Salamah


As the seventh and current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo or Jokowi, has changed the face of Indonesian style of leadership. The image of modesty that Jokowi implies are seen by his choice of attires and daily activities. The president is famous for his modest attires in mostly any ocassions. He usually dressed in white shirt and black trousers, his appreance does its own magic. Therefore, although he is different from his predecessors in term of way of work and mighty images, his modest charm endorses his own image and charisma to public’s eyes. According to Goldhaber, charisma is playing an important role for a leader. People need to see them in a different way for him to earn certain respect. He objected Weber’s thesis regarding charisma only as something heroic. Therefore, he put another two types of the charisma factor in leadership, which are anti-hero and mystic. The method used in this research case study of in Jokowi’s interactions with public, this research is sought to see his leadership according to Goldhaber’s theory. As the result, Jokowi is seen as ‘anti-hero’ leader. As they dress the same with us also having the same value and attitude as what we believe. Anti-hero type is when the leader is or feels close as our own father. Jokowi, based on the thesis has that image portrayed in Goldhaber’s explaination.

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