Visual Identity and Packaging of Dairy Products From Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Mohamad Tohir Telkom University
  • Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen Telkom University


Small and medium enterprises are one of the most significant and dominant drivers of the economy as producers of gross domestic product, in addition to absorbing the largest employment in some areas. Processed milk products of small and medium enterprises in Jatinangor as healthy drinks have a good chance to be marketed into prestigious beverages. The problem is the small to medium-sized businesses don’t realize the importance of identity for a product, naming with a rather difficult pronunciation and difficult to remember, a less attractive logo makes this product less competitive with large-scale factory products. Through field observation, literature study, and interviews both to producers and to consumers are obtained the necessary data as the basis for the design identity of small and medium business brand of dairy products. Brand identity and its application to packaging design can make dairy products easily recognized by the public. This study aims to assist small and medium enterprises; especially processed milk maker in Jatinangor, Sumedang district, through product identity design marketing problems of small and medium business products can be helped.


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