Employee ’s Trust and Work Commitment With Management Using Internal Social Media Application, TAP Playground, in PT. Cakrawala Andalas Televisi (ANTV)

Put ri Ayu Ningtyas, Firman Kurniawan Kurniawan


One indication of the success of a company's communication is how the company can build internal commu-nication so that there is trust in the employee to the company where they work. Current internal communication becomesthe basis for an organization in developing and moving towards the desired destination. The main point is how the organi-zation management manages internal communication well. Internal communication must be two-way with the involvementof management and employees. Recent technological developments increasingly lead to complexity in building internalcommunications. The ease of communicating in cyberspace with social media intermediaries so as to make social media asa discussion and exchange ideas in the forums provided in social media can be a reason for the importance of having aninternal social media in a company. PT. Cakrawala Andalas Televisi (ANTV) sees the phenomenon of this rampant socialmedia as a positive thing to build employee confidence to the company by doing collaboration application named TAPPlayground. This paper provides insight into how internal social media can help build constructive trusts of observationsand literature related to internal communication and social media.

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_B aru_dan_Transformasi_Komunikasi_Politik_di_Indonesia


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